Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Balakrishna Okayed In Just 24 Minutes

Movie lovers, especially Balakrishna fans cannot forget Simhaa. Natasimha Balakrishna’s action entertainer directed by Boyapati Srinu that created a sensation at the box office breaking several records.

Balakrishna got a hit with Lakshmi Narasimha, a remake of Tamil hit Saamy featuring Vikram in the year 2004. However, right after that though Balakrishna featured in many different roles and films, he failed to attract not only movie lovers but also fans.

None of the films starting from Vijayendra Varma to Mitrudu attracted viewers. Everyone knows that Balakrishna does not bother about results but instead encourage new talent. But this time his fans went into depression due to string of disasters.

During that time, many producers started meeting Balakrishna for dates. During that time someone told him Boyapati’s name. He at once called Boyapati Srinu. During that time, Boyapati went to Vijaywada for his relatives’ marriage. Their conversation went on like this.

BK: Boyapati. Mimmalni okasaari kalavali vastara?

BS: Babu. Nenu Hyderabad lo lenu. Vijayawada lo pelliki vachchanu. Repu vachi mimalni kalavacha?

BK: Sare. Phalana samayaniki kaluddam randi.

Boyapati went to Balakrishna’s house.

BK: Meeto cinema cheyalanukuntunnaam. Kotta subject lu emaina unnaya.

Boyapati at once narrated a subject. Balakrishna also liked it.

BK: naaku nachindi. Naa nirnayanni moodurojullo cheptaa.

After three days

BK: Manam cinema chestunnam. Poorti Kadha siddam cheyandi.

The film turned out to be Simhaa. Boyapati said I narrated Simhaa story only for 24 minutes. Balakrishna liked it and the rest is history. He said when he met Balakrishna he said ‘Srinu nenento neeku telusu. Kottagaa undataaniki prayatinstunna. Kotta subject ani chebutunnaru. Kaani, screen paiki vellesariki adi undatam ledu. Edaina ante ‘balayya ilaa antunnaru’ ani nannu vimarsistunnaru. Entha varaku correct?”

Balakrishna and Boyapati are working together for the third time for a commercial entertainer where Balayya will be seen in two getups.

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